About us – what we do

Whitstable & Herne Bay Beekeepers is a branch of the Kent Beekeepers Association. We have monthly meetings on the afternoon of the first Saturday in each month. We have a teaching apiary on the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent (by kind permission of the University) and a second teaching apiary at a nearby farm on the edge of Whitstable. Our members have apiaries and hives sited from Sittingbourne through to Broomfield (near Herne Bay).

We offer a Beginners’ Course each year which includes practical hands-on mentoring on the branch hives. For the last few years, we have always had more applicants for this than places available.

Monthly meetings are well attended and vary between practical training and inspections of the teaching hives, when it is warm enough to open the hives, and subject specific presentations and discussion during autumn and winter.  We share news and information also in between our monthly meetings.  The Branch is active and supportive of beekeepers at all levels of the craft and we give occasional presentations to interested groups in the wider public.  Our friendly managing Committee is committed to the advancement of beekeeping knowledge and awareness amongst our members and the public.

Our Facebook group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/359167444256663/ and any individuals are welcome to join (we do not accept commercial organisations).