Local honey for sale

Three worker honey bees feeding from spilled honey
Photo contributed by Andy Fox


For anyone looking to buy local honey from local (Whitstable, Faversham, Herne Bay, Canterbury and most points in between) beekeepers, details will be shown below when honey becomes available. Please note that local beekeepers, even in a good year, will not have enormous year-round supplies as they have only the annual surplus from their own hives to offer rather than the additional bought-in honey from outside the UK that supermarkets and larger retail outlets stock.


July 2022

Please note that at this time of year some spring honey has now been harvested. The weather looks promising for the bees making some surplus honey over the next month. Contact details for beekeepers in this branch who currently have honey for sale are listed below:



1. Andy Fox on 07772 051051

2. Amanda Lee-Riley on 07985 443941

3. Roger Simpson on 07989 492401