Local honey for sale

For anyone looking to buy local honey from local (Whitstable, Faversham, Herne Bay, Canterbury and most points in between) beekeepers, the contacts below should be able to supply you. Please note that local beekeepers, even in a good year as last year was, will not have enormous year-round supplies as they have only the annual surplus from their own hives to offer rather than the additional bought-in honey from outside the UK that supermarkets and larger retail outlets stock.

The types of honey (runny, set, creamed) available and each beekeeper’s prices can be obtained from the individual contacts below.

Local beekeepers with honey for sale:

a) Honey from the Whitstable & Herne Bay branch’s own apiary can be obtained via Keith Hooker in Whitstable on 07936 693 346, or via Julie Coleman – colemanjulie88 [at] gmail [.] com. It is also for sale via the Whitstable Improvement Trust’s shop in Harbour Street, Whitstable, tel: 01227 770060.

b) Maggy Hendry, in the Wincheap area of Canterbury and whose bees forage in an urban, orchard and riverine area on a variety of different plants including apple and pear blossom, brambles, clover, gorse, broom, linden blossom, and garden flowers and herbs. 01227 766571

c) Amanda Lee-Riley, Whitepost Honey, in Whitstable, with bees foraging from Tankerton and from the University of Kent campus. amanda.leeriley [at] gmail [.] com

d) Roger Jackson, with bees foraging from Herne Bay and from Sittingbourne, on 01227 742206 or jackson.quinnary [at] btinternet [.] com

e) Dale Starkey, with bees in the Greenhill area of Herne Bay, on 01227366685 or 07740721278, or email orders4home [at] gmail [.] com

f) Julie Coleman, with bees foraging from the Denstroude area, contact at a) above, or the honey can be bought from Dunkirk Farm Shop.

g) Tilly Bayes, no spare honey currently but beeswax candles are available. Contact on 07462556479, or bleanbees [at] gmail [.] com

h) Emily & Sam, with bees foraging at Dunkirk. Email sam [at] podiumconsulting [.] net