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Alert from the NBU about a possible sighting of the Asian Hornet

As colleagues already signed up with the National Bee Unit will know, the following was circulated this evening:

“Following a credible report of an Asian Hornet sighting in the South East area close to Maidstone, Kent; last week a local Bee Inspector was dispatched to carry out further field investigation.

Following this investigation, we have not been able to verify the report but we would encourage beekeepers particularly in this area to familiarise themselves with the Asian Hornet and remain vigilant when visiting their apiaries and inspecting their colonies.

Please use the following link to view ID sheets for the Asian Hornet and also refer to a recent article published in BeeCraft magazine to help with identification.

Suspect sightings should be reported immediately to alert_nonnative@ceh.ac.uk

I would like to reiterate that currently this is a suspect sighting and has not been confirmed.”