Calendar of branch meetings and events in 2018

This calendar will be updated throughout the year as more information becomes available. Monthly meetings at the campus apiary start at 2.00 pm unless otherwise specified.

January, 19th: the branch’s mid-winter social meeting will take the form of a dinner at the Hampton Inn, in Herne Bay. Partners will be very welcome. Details circulating by email.

January, 27th: this talk, at Herne Mill, will be given by Bob Smith on the theme of ‘Managing the Workers: Increasing Productivity, Maintaining Good Industrial Relations and Avoiding Conflict’. This will focus on ways in which a beekeeper can plan ahead in an effort to manage their colonies for  particular objectives over a beekeeping season. The talk will start at 2.30 pm.

February, 24th: the talk this month (at Herne Mill again) will be given by Lauren Kennedy, one of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s project officers for ‘Making a Buzz for the Coast‘ ( Lauren will brief us on the project itself and how we as beekeepers might usefully work with the BBCT on this major initiative, to the benefit of all our bees. The afternoon will start at 2.30 with some discussion of our own branch plans for the coming year, with Lauren talking from 3.30.

March, 3rd & 4th: this weekend we will be running the theory part of the  Beginners’ Course, at Herne Mill. Further details of this, including how to book a place, can be found at

March, 31st: the venue for this monthly meeting will depend on the weather – if it’s warm enough to do hive inspections, it will be at the campus apiary. If the weather is still too cold, the meeting will be at Herne Mill and will include a talk and other activities. Update: this meeting will now be held on Saturday, 7th April, 2.00 pm at the campus apiary.

April, 28th: finding and marking queens, how to prevent and/or control swarming using the Pagden method. At the campus apiary, starting at 2.00 pm.

May, 26th:  Continuation from last month of the signs to look for when a colony may be building up to swarming, and what to do about it. How to increase your colony numbers if wished. Keeping a lookout for the Asian Hornet. From 2.00 pm at the campus apiary.

June, 30th: How to mark a queen – with some hands-on practise on drones. Also, harvesting honey – how to assess what can be removed.  At the branch apiary, starting at 2.00 pm.

July, 28th:

August, 25th:

September, 29th:

October, 27th:

November, 24th: